A desire for change!

The popularity of DIY design shows and social media platforms built on design (Pinterest and Houzz) indicates that we have a craving for design in our lives. Many of us spend hours surfing the Internet or browsing our social media feeds to find pictures of designs that we love. The truth is we gather and stack images that will one day be the basis of how we will change our spaces to better reflect who we are and how we wish to live. These moments of fantasy provide us with happiness. We find comfort in other people’s well-designed spaces.   


Design by Wittman Estes. Photography by Andrew Pogue.

Time to take control!

The extensive viewership of these shows and social media platforms indicates that we are unhappy with our own spaces. Therefore, we’re constantly looking at home design to fill our desires.  So, we drool over someone else’s kitchen as we surf Houzz.  However, we tend to ignore the challenges we face in our own spaces.  Isn’t it time to take control of our own homes? Let’s turn fantasy into reality.   

Design by Garrison Foundry. Photography by Beatrice Pediconi.

Arm yourself with the tools!

Getting started is the hard part.  But, why? Well, we tend to place roadblocks in front our own actions because of fear, lack of knowledge, and just not having the confidence in our own design sense.  At Your Modern Cottage, we believe that every single one of us has the ability to design spaces that can make our lives better.  Our goal is to share this belief with you through examples, lessons, and other fun stuff along the way.   

Design by SKM Design. Photography by Chrissy Racho. 

It’s not rocket science!

Design is not some mysterious act. Really, it’s not. Instead, it’s a process that we can all learn and follow. And we believe that the more we interact with you, the more comfortable you will become with design. In turn, you’ll begin to turn your fantasies into reality. 

Featured Image: Design by Helioptrope Architects. Photography by Sean Airhart.