Holiday Gift Guide 2020 – It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  So, we’ve curated some home items from interesting boutiques and artists that are just perfect for giving. And while you’re ordering, don’t forget to gift something for your own modern cottage!  Featured in image above, “Sea Reeds,” by Angela Cameron. 

Lupin Studio

Led by British designer Jane Dent Grady, Lupin Studio offers a range of modern home and lifestyle accessories. Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, Jane creates and hand draws each pattern. Textiles are printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks here in the United States, and each product is individually cut and sewn by hand in New England. With eye-catching simplicity, Jane’s graphic textiles infuse warmth and color into any modern cottage!  Visit to see more of her beautiful designs.

Swoon Home

Interior Designer Raelena Vasquez has a passionate desire to bring a fresh, intriguing, and colorful design style to her local town of Redlands, California. She began a career in fashion and it evolved into a deep interest in interior design. In 2006, she started her design business – Swank Design Home.  Her successful journey led her to want to expand her business. Thus, Swoon Home was created.  

“We believe spaces are a part of health and contentment. Hand-picked home goods are the cornerstone of  Swoon Home, rooted in both timeless design and natural materials. Our goal is to help you create the richness of an experience in your space. The grand, the intrinsically beautiful, the handmade, and the well lived in, you can find what you have been looking for here.” 

On right: Hand-loomed Hygge rug (8×10)



Argyle Wine Rack, Swoon Home, $56

Dimension:  14” x 5″ x 12″

A unique and fun way to display your favorite wine. The argyle shape brings some dimension to your space as well.

Niven Morgan

Stuck in traffic in Dallas, Niven Morgan decided to say goodbye to his sales job and put the wheels in motion to start his own line of luxurious personal-care products and hand-poured candles. That was 1998, and today he continues to create new products, drawing inspiration from his travels around the world as well as from his childhood memories of his family’s Louisiana farm. He loves being outdoors and breathing in the aromas and seeing nature up close, capturing the essence of exotic and inspiring locales to serve as the spirit for products that will also lift ours. Visit

Winter Fig: Mister Morgan’s Winter Fig Candle is a calming and herbaceous blend of fresh fig, clove and fern needle. The enveloping aroma features fruit and spice notes evoking the peaceful spirit of the season. 

Costa Rica: Mister Morgan’s Costa Rica candle is a fresh scent of fern, sea salt and blooming orchids. The intoxicating aroma emulates the adventurous spirit found in this Central American country renowned for its golden sandy beaches and lush jungles.

 11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn time

Candles are hand poured, soy blended and made in Dallas.

Angela Cameron 

Traveling the world, Angela Cameron creates beautiful images that will resonate with you and your space. Original Art collections are carefully curated for their visual connectivity and ease to live with in your modern cottage.  She believes that surrounding yourself with unique art that you love and connect with is essential for your best interior lifestyle. “I believe this makes a difference in who we are and how we live emotionally, personally and professionally.”  Angela’s approach to photography is to be in nature, connect with surroundings and utilize in camera techniques (a minimum of alteration) that add a painterly, emotional aspect to the image. “It’s about resonating with a place, the light and what I see and create.” 

“Fluent,” not only popular, but also one of Angela’s own favorite ocean images, is shown in the space above designed by Lizzie Green of Popix Design in Malibu, CA. Colorful light at sunset allows this seascape to express a calm feel with vibrant tones. The West Coast light is unique and soft that captures the beautiful texture of the sea.

“Sea Reeds” (right) abstract artwork is a one-of-a-kind photograph that has a painterly style with beautiful texture, light and color.  Both pieces can be purchased online easily at

Eleish Van Breems Home

Childhood friends, Rhonda Eleish & Edie van Breems bring their love of approachable Scandinavian design with its philosophy of balance and harmony to their custom design clients, as well as their Eleish Van Breems Home storefronts (Nantucket, MA and Westport, CT) and website. Their mission is to introduce a clean, elegant and fresh approach to interiors, all with a Scandinavian essence. Visit

Concrete Tray with Wooden Stick

This minimalist serving tray is an ideal piece for entertaining and is food safe. The special divider stick ensures that food stays separated. Each piece is handmade so no two are alike. $65

Concrete Plus Shape Candle Holder

These charming candle holders in a plus sign shape are handmade in marbled concrete and beautiful in any setting. The handmade pattern in each piece ensures no two are alike.  For taper or tea light candles. $35