You’re on a mission for a healthier lifestyle and you’ve admitted your home is part of the problem.  First, start by reworking the room you live in the most.  It will create immediate satisfaction and reinforce the stress-free feeling you’re hoping to find.  Let’s say it’s your family room.  Start by considering the room’s purpose, how you want to live in it and who it supports.

Interior Design by Studio McGee

Less is More

Mies Van De Rohe, a German-American architect, who’s considered one of the pioneers of Modern Architecture said, “Less is More.”  This is an adage I try to live by.  Also, “does it bring me joy,” by Marie Kondo of the KonMari Method for organizing. If you use these words to help in defining the elements in your space, you’ll find the room gives back positive energy.  And, it rids you of the stress you once felt.

Interior Design by Amber Lewis – Amber Interior Design

Fewer “Large” Scale Pieces

Next, start by considering each furniture item’s placement in the room.  And, allow for clean circulation paths that do not inhibit conversation.  Having fewer “large” scale pieces always feels better.  For example, one three seat sofa and one tall cabinet is enough.  The tall cabinet will allow your energy to rise higher up in the room, thus enjoying more of the space.  If you have large windows or French doors in the room, position chairs in front of them verses a sofa.  A smaller scale creates a more open feeling and doesn’t inhibit the view.

Interior Design by Studio McGee

Remove the Clutter

Now, remove the clutter from all the surfaces.  Free space on furniture, walls and floors gives the eye a place to rest.  Bookcases in family spaces should be a combination of cherished books, photographs, art and decorative objects with lots of space around them.  You want your eye to enjoy the elements and move casually from one display to another.

In addition, a few well-positioned furnishings along with art, a plant and objects of interest will create a welcoming atmosphere. With less stuff in the room, open surfaces and free space around the furniture, positive energy flows freely and reinforces our desired lifestyle.

Interior Design by Studio McGee

Make it Routine

Once you have one room designed, organized and in harmony, you’ll be inspired to tackle the rest of the house.  Then, commit to a half-hour routine on a daily basis to stay on top of clutter and cleanliness.  This will be so much more enjoyable instead of dedicating a half a day on a weekly basis!  Your home-life balance is now a reflection of a more sustainable lifestyle.  You’ll breath easier with less stress and enjoy a higher quality of being.

Interior Design by Chango & Co.

Cover Image:  Interior Design by Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design, Architecture by Hutker Architects