We’re excited to share the winning design projects chosen by our expert judges for the 2024 Your Modern Cottage Design Awards Competition.

The 2024 YMC Design Awards recognizes the best custom residential home designs within the United States of America that reflect our three principles of great residential design: Homes designed for the uniqueness of the clients; Homes built for today and the future; and Homes that are a retreat from the complexities of our world. In addition, we believe that modern is not a design style, but a lifestyle. As a result, we welcomed designs of all styles. 

Our three judges — Amy A. Alper, Architect; Ian Butcher, founding partner of Best Practice Architecture; and Randall Kipp of Randall Kipp Architecure — granted winners in the three categories (New Modern Cottages, Additions and Renovations, and Small Modern Cottages) below. Upcoming posts will take a closer look at all winning designs.

Flint Hill

1. New Modern Cottages

Houses designed to take us away from the modern rush. These homes provide a retreat for the families that gather there and provide a place where they can reconnect with each other. Size of homes can range but should be no more than 4,800 square feet.

Winner: Flint Hill, Gardner Architects

“Massing clearly describing public and private, are composed with a clear unifier – that the opposing vertical and horizontal pieces each connects to vistas and views. The outdoor spaces are fully an extension of the living spaces and exemplify continuous engagement with the site,” says Amy Alper, Architect “The massing also responds to sustainably strategies as well as a clear nod to the agrarian setting. Beyond the practicalities of environmental stewardship, this home sets the stage for enjoyment by family and friends.” 

Photography Credit  (Above & Featured Image) – John Cole Photo

2. Modern Cottage Additions and Renovations

Houses specifically altered, adapted, and renovated for the families living within them. These designs transform a mundane house and turn it into something special.

Winner: Old Yacht Club, Elliott Architects

“First of all, what a wonderful way to honor an old structure. The subtle blend of old and new is wonderful and the carefully considered details help highlight both the historic character and the modern spirit of this intervention.”~ Ian Butcher, Best Practice

Photography Credit (Above, Right) – Trent Bell 

3. Small Modern Cottages

This category celebrates new modern cottages that are small and efficient, but still accommodate a very comfortable, modern lifestyle. Cottages in this category were capped at 1,600 square feet.

Winner: Swan Studio, Flavin Architects

“The simplicity of the work was refreshing. Nothing complicated, no dramatic overhangs, nothing forced, just simple design with simple materials used thoughtfully.” ~ Randall Kipp, Kipp Architecture

Photography Credit: (Above, Right) – Nat Rea