Your Modern Cottage

An online community of design experts empowering you to create the home you imagine!

Who We Are!

We are your resource to create the home you imagine — one that streamlines the clutter and makes you feel incredibly relaxed, energized or encouraged to make, to do, to entertain, and to reconnect with what’s important to you: your family, your friends, your community, nature and yourself. We take you behind the beautiful pictures, explaining WHY? and HOW? — Why do I love that space and how can I make it work in my home? There is a gap between seeing what we like in pictures and knowing how to achieve that for ourselves.  YOUR MODERN COTTAGE bridges the gap.

Our Philosophy

Your Modern Cottage affects how you feel, behave and interact.  It’s more than just a physical dwelling.  We believe that there is power in design to bring positive change to your life.

Why the Name?

YOUR – Good design is centered on the people using the space.  It’s specific to you — your values, your family needs, your preferred “style,” your future, your past, your budget, your schedule and your whatever.

MODERN –  Good design solves the problems of today.  How we live today is very different from how we lived in the past.  As a result, good home design needs to address these modern needs, desires, and trends for the family.  For us, MODERN is not a style, it is a lifestyle.

COTTAGE – The cottage holds the promise of a place to recharge and disconnect.  Today, your home needs to be your cottage, designed to help you cope with the accelerated world around you.  It should nurture you and offer a special experience of simplicity and connectedness.