The Warmth of Modern

We absolutely love this home designed by Carney Burke Logan Architects.  Their designs, while distinctively modern and fresh, offer a sense of comfort, warmth, and downright awesomeness.  For many people, the idea of modern and warmth do not work together.  This is because they’ve been taught (trained) to think of cold and sterile.  Well, this home is far away from either of those two things.  And, as you will learn, this home is inspired by place.  This is the goal of every home designed by Carney Burke Logan Architects.

Great living room space designed by Logan Carney Burke Architects

Comfort Comes from Feeling Safe

In this home, we are immediately struck by the beautiful wood floors and ceilings.  The warmth of both surfaces (above and below) create a cozy feeling for the visitor.  While the ceilings may be 9 or 10 feet tall, offering expansive views to beyond, we do not feel out of place.  Instead, we feel comforted and embraced.  This layering of materials also offers a bit of comfort in the promise of safety.  We are protected from the elements, while at the same time, we’re an active participant with the environment around us.  For example, think of the mouth of a cave.  We can see the great big world in front of us with the knowledge that there is safety around us.

Wood floor and ceiling together create a comforting environment

A Local Comfort

Natural stone adds to the feeling of comfort that we feel in this home.  Furthermore, the natural material looks as if it has been plucked from a local quarry and cut and placed by local craftsman.  The concept of local and craftsmanship offers a sense of familiarity to the design.  Subconsciously, we understand how the home was built and by whom.  At the same time, we are comforted with things we know.  Therefore, this home provides comfort because it is directly connected to the local environment and community.

Connect the inside and outside to make our minds and bodies happy

Your Brain on Nature

The seamless connection between inside and out is another valuable tool in convincing us that this modern home is comfortable, warm, and inviting.  Our physical connection to our environment is a vital part of our human existence.  In fact, recent science has proven that just 10 minutes of time spent communing in nature starts to strip away the stress of our daily lives.  We begin to relax and our heart rate and blood pressure decrease.  Therefore, we need this connection to stay happy and healthy.  The more that design can break down the barrier between inside and out, the more we will enjoy the space that we are in.  Carney Logan Burke Architects always does a great job in connecting their clients to their place.

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