Our Homes Set the Mood!

It all starts as soon as you walk in the door.  You feel “at home.”  For instance, it could be a sense of relief, a sigh or a peaceful feeling.  Whatever it is, your home feels just right because it responds to your immediate needs.  Plus, it speaks of peacefulness and relaxation.  And, it welcomes you and solves problems.  There is a place for everything.  This home is full of practicalities, yet attractive, all at the same time.  Therefore, it’s not just a house, it’s your modern cottage.

A Place for Stuff!

After coming through the door, there is a place to put your keys, drop off your mail, take your shoes off and hang up your coat.  There’s even a place for kids’ backpacks and sports equipment.  This room, whether a mudroom, side entry or formal hall is your first impression.  And, it should make you smile, while leaving the outside world behind.  If this space does not feel welcoming, or at least functional, then it is not “just right” for you.

Knowing there’s a place for all of your stuff is good for your well-being.  This space needs to be calming.  It also should act as a recharging station for the soul, giving you mental energy to conquer making dinner and helping with homework.  Stress comes from disorder and not having just the right place to put all of your things.

It’s Your Choice!

Perhaps you want your stuff hidden in a closet or locker.  You have a place for your coat, but once hung, you no longer want to see it.  Having everything out in the open might not be very Zen-like for you.  Some, however, need to visually see the pegs where hats and coats should go.  Whether you want to see your stuff or not, that’s up to you.  Some people like to be surrounded by it, while others want it tucked away.

Your Home Works for You!

Organization is key.  There are lots of solutions that will work with you.  Just be careful not to choose ones that might work against you.  For example, you might think you’ll open a closet and place shoes in individual cubbies, yet in reality, a basket by the door is more your style.

Basically, your modern cottage needs to do a good job of holding all of the stuff.  At the end of a long day, isn’t that what you really want…simply a place to put it all away?

Design by Point One Architects

Cover Image: Design by Kate Marker Interiors