A Careful Blend of Materials, Colors, and Textures

Joanna Gaines is a master at combining materials into one cohesive and comforting whole.  The use of neutral colors with dark toned accents make us feel comfortable.  No colors to jar or shock, but instead to calm and soothe.  The dark, cool grey of the cabinets anchors the room, grounding it and making it feel stable and solid.  The beautiful texture and color of the natural wood ceiling adds warmth to the space and provides a sense of nostalgia.  We can imagine the beautiful wood rescued from a local barn and re-purposed in a way that makes us happy.

A Sense of Centering and Scale

The industrial influenced lamp over the informal dining area centers and focuses the space, creating a focal point for our eyes to gravitate.  The center of the space also acts as the center of the family, a place to gather, to laugh, to be part of something great.  This family-centric approach to design is built into our sub-conscious.  It’s not readily apparent in things we see, but in how we feel.  Design, therefore, is more than just the space we create, it is also the emotions and feelings we evoke.

Simple Details, Strong Connections

This sidelight is a great design touch.  It adds a level of detail not found in most homes and elevates the perceived quality and character of the home.  Adding things that feel crafted by hand tug at our longing for quality.  The simple detail has a huge impact, both physically in the space and with connections to things that make us happy.

Also, note the personal touch of the art on the wall beyond.  Joanna always makes strong emotional connections using design elements.  Taking a piece of the family’s history and embedding it into the design of their home makes an immediate impact, tying this new space to where the family has come from and perhaps where they strive to go.

The Sum is Greater Than the Parts

Good design takes all the elements of design into consideration of each other.  Each decision is made with the foresight to understand the overall impact on the design.  So eventually, when complete, the sum of the parts is much larger than the pieces.  We sit back and enjoy at the space as a whole, not as individual pieces and parts, but as a cohesive space that makes us feel happy!.

Design Exploder is a “tool” used by Your MODERN COTTAGE to help explain why we like (and don’t like) the homes that we live in.  It explodes design elements into their basic form and gives us insight into how designers think.  We hope that this tool will empower you to understand your own homes and give you the confidence to make the changes that you need in order to improve your life.

We look forward to your comments, questions, and continued conversations!