Did you know the average person uses a toilet 2500 times each year? This means selecting the right one is important. If it’s been awhile since you’ve purchased a toilet, you’ll find that there are many new options. You can now consider toilets that are comfort-height, skirted, wall-mounted, bidet, self-cleaning and, yes, even smart toilets.

1. The Rise in Washlet Popularity

Bidets and washlets have been popular in Europe and around the world for years. They are now catching on in the U.S. A bidet is traditionally a porcelain stand-alone fixture typically located next to the toilet. A washlet is a cleansing toilet seat, with similar features, that can be added to a traditional toilet or comes attached to certain toilet models. With both a gentle water stream for cleaning and a drying feature, these options reduce the need for toilet paper. With today’s greater emphasis on aging in place design, bidets and washlets are becoming more common options when designing a bathroom. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), 500 designers recently reported that washlets are already one of the top requests by homeowners in 2019.

2.  Self-Cleaning Toilets

Maybe you’d like to eliminate the chore of cleaning your toilet. Every flush in a self-cleaning toilet helps to keep the bowl free of grime, germs and stains. Some models use cleaning solutions and superior flushing technology, yet others utilize ultra-violet light and electrolyzed water. The American Standard ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet uses a cleaning solution combined with a powerful VorMax flushing system, offering both a “Quick Clean” and “Deep Clean” cycle for a bowl that sparkles. For more information on where you can find one at an excellent price, along with downloadable design guides, click here.

3.  Save Space with a Wall-Hung Style

Is a wall-hung toilet in your future? These toilets are tied into the wall, rather than sitting on the bathroom floor. These offer a more contemporary look, make cleaning the floor easier and save space as well.

Pro Tip: the piping for this toilet style is not in the traditional location, so if you are replacing a traditional toilet with a wall-hung model, you should expect additional plumbing cost. If you are planning a new bathroom, you’ll want to let your plumber or building contractor know early in the process that you have selected a wall-hung toilet, so they can plan for this type of installation.


4. Conserve Water with the Right Toilet

If water conservation is a priority for you, you’ll want to research high-efficiency toilets and dual-flushing systems. These can help you save water and money. When prioritizing water conservation, you will be comparing gallons per flush (GPF) among different models. The current maximum gallons per flush allowed by law is 1.6. This law has been in place since 1994. Before that, toilets were using 5-8 gallons with each flush, which is quite a difference!

If you live in an older home and your toilets have not been updated in years, you may be able to save significant water and money with your new toilet purchase. Most high-efficiency toilets (HETs) use 1.28 GPF, however, newer models use as little as 1.0 GPF. It’s important to discuss water savings and performance with a knowledgeable bath showroom consultant to assure you get the model that meets your expectations. You can also save water with a dual-flushing system. A dual-flush toilet provides two choices: a “half flush” for liquids, which uses less water, and a full flush for solids. There are typically two buttons or levers to operate this type of toilet.

5. Smart Toilets

You’ll also find electronic toilets that have remote controls and perform “smart” functions. Industry leaders like TOTO have designed the award-winning NEOREST line, which open and close automatically. Some have heated seats, nightlights, self-cleaning operation, bidet features and air deodorizers. At DXV, state-of-the-art technology is at the core of advanced personal hygiene and modern convenience with many styles that make a statement in your bathroom.

Whether you are looking to outfit a traditional, transitional or contemporary space, you’ll find a toilet with the look and function that is right for you through a reputable bath showroom.  A quality toilet should last you more than a decade and can help you save water and money.

Photos Courtesy of Frank Webb Home

Bottom photo TOTO