For those of you who follow my interior design company, Indigo Interiors Co., on Instagram @indigointeriorsco, you may already know — we LOVE plants.  Specifically, if we can find a way to incorporate one or more in every space, we do. In truth, we name them, we talk to them and we shower them with affection. We’ve even been known to use a compass and a light meter to find the optimal location for each and every leafy green addition.

Do You Go FAUX or No?

But what do you do when circumstances just don’t allow for a real life chlorophyll-ly friend? Perhaps you have no light, no time; or a dog, cat, or tiny human who may be tempted to knock over or nibble your favorite specimen. Do you go FAUX? Or, say flat out “NO”! Well, if you think we are talking about plasticky, fuzzy, silky, dusty, FAUX-liage of the past, then think again.

Balance FAUX with Real Plants

FAUX has come a long way my friends. And choosing high quality pieces that mimic foliage that is naturally occurring and can be primped and fussed to look as organic in shape as possible makes all the difference in the world. When possible, balance out FAUX with real throughout the home to make the FAUX less detectable.

Environmentally-Friendly FAUX Plants

Companies like Bloomist have worked hard to create environmentally-friendly options. “EcoFaux™botanicals replace virgin and petroleum-based plastics with upcycled and recycled fabrics, essentially transforming trash that’s designated for landfills into beautiful objects for the home. These upcycled fabrics are made from single use plastic or PET bottles. We’ve also replaced former Styrofoam components with biodegradable papermaché.”

A single stem or a wild leafy cluster?  First, it all depends on the chosen vessel. Next, do not over stuff or complicate.  Instead, just let the limbs fall naturally. Simple greens can add beautiful visual texture to any space.

Real or fake? Well, take a look up close. In fact, you’ll find that a great faux can keep you guessing.

Further, dare we say even DRIED flowers can amaze (get that image of your prom roses hung upside-down in your teen bedroom out of your head)! For example, these specially treated eucalyptus limbs keep their leaves, rich color and fragrance year after year.

Now, once you have the perfect location, choose the size vessel and variety of FAUX or DRIED plant that best supports the design of the space. In this room, for instance, we wanted something dark and delicate that would drape nicely to one side. Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus was the pefect fit.

In conclusion, spare yourself the tragic heartache when you inevitably murder that expensive and most coveted fiddle fig friend. Don’t even get us started on what happened to our onetime friend the Real Olive Tree Magee. We miss you, buddy. 

Design and photography above by Indigo Interiors Co.

Below, check out a few of our tried and true favorites: