So, you’re looking to infuse some coastal appeal into your next bath or kitchen project with tile. But, let’s face it, you’re a little scared because you don’t want to make a wrong decision. Is it possible to achieve a timeless and classic look that won’t date so quickly and do something a little different?  We talked with Lana Camera, showroom coordinator and product manager at TileAmerica, and she says the answer is yes! 

Can people feel confident in choosing coastal tiles?

People want to make choices that can last, which is why subway tile is so popular. But, customers are installing scalloped or fish scale pattern tile as an alternative to the simple subway tile look.

These coastal inspired tiles are a good, safe choice for a couple of reasons. First, water colors from the ocean are timeless and always have beach-like appeal.  And second, these tiles offer a modern twist to a classic. For instance, this look offers more interest, more movement.

What’s trending at your showroom for those looking for a coastal vibe?

The latest addition to our Essentials Glass Series this spring is the new Precious Gems Scallop Mosaic.  It’s a fun, new shape with swooping curves and available in six coastal-inspired colors. Whether for a kitchen backsplash or shower wall, it’s a popular choice.

The Tiburon series — a porcelain floor and ceramic wall tile — is also new to our showroom this spring.  It looks like the ripples of the ocean floor.

How do you know what products to buy?

We go to shows to stay ahead of the trends and read a lot of decorating magazines each week.  Plus, we immerse ourselves in what’s trending in fashion and makeup because it will ultimately make its way into the home. In general, we’re noticing that designers are moving away from hard, angular lines. More natural, flowing shapes are emerging.

What if you love a coastal theme, but don’t live near the shore?

It doesn’t matter where you live.  A coastal theme will relocate you back to your vacation.  Any water-inspired look is very soothing and relaxing. Plus, easy going, beach-like colors offer a spa-like setting.  Who doesn’t want to enjoy a little bit of zen everyday?