Design by Heliotrope Architects

Photography by Sean Airhart

A Modern Cottage:  Located on a rocky, wind-swept south facing shoreline within the San Juan Islands National Monument, this 1,600 square-foot retreat nestles into the landscape in order to harmonize with its surroundings and minimize exposure to weather.

The design works in that the home disappears amongst the trees, while effortlessly creating and framing views of the dramatic landscape and natural environment that surround it.

Closed for Winter!

This home has been designed with retractable panels to protect it during the punishing storms that often occur in the winter months.  However, when the weather is good, the home opens itself up to the environment, allowing the homeowners to interact completely with the landscape and the views all around.

The Power of Connection

A home’s primary purpose should always be to protect and shelter.  However, with modern technology and materials, we can now acheive that purpose with less structure and more openess.  This home uses the power of large glass openings (both windows and doors) to break the barriers between inside and out.  Because of this, the homeowners feel completely connected to their natural setting.

Even the master bedroom and bathroom are  designed to connect the homeowners with what’s most important in a retreat home like this one.

Talk about an open floor plan…

This home is designed to extend its livable space by allowing interior spaces to flow freely to exterior decks.  During pleasant months, it feels as if the entire site is part of the home. 

Keep Dreamin’ 

To say the least, this home is inspiring.  And while you may not have a home quite like this, or a setting, the same concepts can be applied to your own modern cottage. Frame a view or find a space that makes you happy.     

About Heliotrope Architects

Based in Seattle, WA, Heliotrope designs smart, contemporary works of architecture that transcend style and trend. Process driven and rigorously attentive to detail, the company strives for clear, elegant solutions rooted in a thorough understanding of the social, cultural and physical qualities unique to each project. Powered by fruitful collaborations with clients, craftspeople, consultants and colleagues, the work reflects a passion for people and the various, complex places they inhabit.