Let’s face it, most of us don’t spend time thinking about how the design of our home affects how we live.  We have all been in spaces that we really love. They make us feel comfortable or cozy.  Some spaces energize us, making us feel open to new ideas and ready to learn.  While others provide calm, allowing us a rest from the chaotic world in which we live.  However, sometimes spaces do the opposite.  They cause us discomfort, anxiety, or add stress to our days.

Subconsciously, we respond to the environment that we live in.  A room constantly filled with clutter adds unnecessary stress to our lives.  Whereas a room filled with natural light and views to nature, tends to cause a calming effect.

Both kitchens above were designed specifically for the use and needs of the family.  Arrangement of work areas and appliances are configured just right with a space to socialize at the heart of each design.  Both are great kitchens, but only for the family using them.  Make sure your spaces are designed for both your needs and your unique style.

Two Parts to Good Design

There is power in design.  Done right, a home can elevate how we live. It can help us achieve greater things in our days and create a foundation for our families.  Good design has two parts – Functional and Aesthetic.

FUNCTIONAL – A properly functioning space (one that works for our specific needs) is like a well-oiled machine – all parts of our home working together to make our lives easier.  Imagine a kitchen with all the appliances that you need carefully placed around your specific work areas.  There’s a place to prep; a place to cook; a place to clean; and a place to socialize.  As a result, the joy of preparing a meal for the family increases because your kitchen works on your behalf and not against you.

AESTHETIC – Of course, we all have the ability to look at something and make a personal determination of whether it is attractive or not.  Psychologists believe that beauty is an individual, sub-conscious decision, ingrained deep into who we are as individuals.  Hence, the term “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  We find beauty in concepts that we are trying to achieve.  For example, a person who works in a chaotic and confusing work environment all day might find beauty in the calm and serene.   A home that you feel is beautiful helps your mood, reinforcing your ideals and dreams.  It also provides balance to your life.

A traditional bedroom with all the trappings.

A cozy cottage bedroom, just right to take a minute and unwind.

Good Design Gets Us Ready

A well-designed home prepares us for the hectic day ahead and welcomes us home.  It allows us to reconnect with the important things: our friends, our families, and ourselves.  Current style or trends do not matter as much as what really makes you happy.  While we may look to others for inspiration, always remember what’s most important for you –  a home that works for your specific needs and is beautiful in the way that you see it.


Design Credits:

Exterior Patio View : Brandon Architects

Kitchens:  Traditional by Point One Architects; Modern by Hufft

Bedrooms: Traditional by Point One Architects; Cottage by Studio McGee

Detail at Built-In: Brandon Architects