Shop the Look – Product List

Lighting: Top row (left to right)

Restoration HardwareCloche Pendant – Clear glass with Antique Brass – $149.00

Serena & LillyHeadlands Round Pendant – Natural – $398.00

Serena & LillyHeadlands Bell Pendant – Natural – $298.00-$398.00

Tables:  Middle row (left to right)

UttermostNevis Side Table – Black Steel and Wood

GabbyThe August Side Table – Reclaimed Pine

UttermostKailor Coffee Table – Antique Bronze and Wood

Rug: Bottom row (left)

New Moon RugsBali Cobalt– comes in various sizes

Chair: Bottom row (right)

UttermostLyle Accent Chair with beige linen fabric

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Organic Modern – Simple, Clean, Natural, and Well-crafted

There is a trend in the design world today to blend ‘styles” into beautiful, cohesive, yet eclectic groupings.  One of these trends is softening modern design with the addition of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

As our lives become more centered around technology, we long for connections to our natural environment.  For instance, trends such as open living concepts; incorporating larger windows in our designs; and making easy connections to our outdoor living spaces, can all be partially attributed to this longing.  So, bringing natural materials back into the home is a logical next step.

A well-crafted product reminds us of the way things were once done, with care by human hands.  The combination of black steel and wood, handblown glass and antique brass fittings, and handwoven rugs, all remind us that craft is not gone.

This “look” provides a blend of nature and modern, combining simple forms with natural elements made with the craftsmanship of years gone by.  We can have our simple and ordered spaces with the comfort and warmth of natural materials.