An architect, I am always looking for design solutions that make life simpler, and at the same time, more beautiful.  At the This Old House 2019 Idea House, located in the historic district of downtown New Canaan, Connecticut, I spotted Ghostop.  

It was love at first sight..but, I had to look hard to see it!

Thanks to Ghostop, a doorstop, rubber stops are no longer needed for the walls or back of doors. This product incorporates a magnetic catch recessed into any type of floor. As the door swings over the recessed catch, the magnet attracts a pin that’s cleverly recessed into the bottom of the door.  This pin is drawn into place and catches the door from crashing into the wall. It’s brilliant!  Plus, this magnetic duo also keeps the door held in place.

The Ghostop can be mounted on the bottom, side, or top of the door, depending on what works best for your unique condition.


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Ghostop was invented by David Wirth, a longtime contractor for high–end luxury homes on the East End of Long Island.  The concept for Ghostop was born out of necessity. Architects were always requesting a solution to stop doors in both the open and closed positions from the bottom, side, or top of a door with little clearance, and to be unseen.

After years of trials, and small production runs, Ghostop was refined to perfection. Available in a variety of finishes, it’s now available to architects, designers, and homeowners alike, in easy-to-install Ghostop Solutions Kits.

A tear sheet for the Ghostop door stop