What helps you to disconnect from the chaotic world and recharge your rundown batteries?  For many, it is the quick getaway to the lake, a place of solitude and retreat.  These modern lake retreats inspire us to take some time for ourselves, kick our feet back, and relax. Enjoy both the exterior and interior view of each.

1. Architects will often separate the private spaces, like bedrooms, away form the main living spaces.  This helps to reinforce the concept of retreat.  If you need a little time for yourself, just escape to your sanctuary.  Design by Strand Design

2. This design by Lake Flato Architects uses the natural topography to create drama and separation.  Perched high above the water you feel in control and protected from the world around you. Here, you’re fully connected and isolated at the same time.

3. When you have a view like this, you should take advantage of it.  Marcus Gleysteen, the architects of this home, create views to the lake from different parts of the home – both inside and out.  The different views allow each room to have their own special connection with the lake and mountains beyond. 

4.  Our homes should reflect how we wish to live.  This lakeside retreat comes with a level of simple sophistication, while at the same time providing all that the lake has to offer.  Design by Robbins Architecture

5.  This home reflects its Montana roots – a little bit rustic with all the right modern details.  Outdoor living is vitally important for any lake retreat.  Pearson Design Group has created various outdoor living areas all connected by that awesome view.

6. What’s a lake retreat without a boat launch.  This home, designed by Vetter Architects, focuses the outdoor spaces towards the boat house and launch.  Inside, even the guest bedrooms enjoy framed views of the natural surroundings.

7.  This modern lake retreat appears to float directly on the water by carefully siting the home and elevating it slightly.  The architect, Birdseye, creates the illusion of real waterfront living.  Cable rails at the terrace beyond protects the homeowners with little visual impact.

8. Camp meets modern in this lakeside home.  Natural materials, wood and stone, are beautifully crafted and joined together to create an elegant camp feeling.  Murdough Design uses these materials connect the home to its site, grounding it, and allowing to feel timeless.