Every room needs accessories in order to be complete. And you can refresh and style your rooms with things you already own. Just as the icing on a birthday cake is the piece de resistance, so should be your accessories!  Sometimes, you just need to change it up!  For example, after a while, your eye is so accustomed to seeing something in a certain place that you forget to enjoy it.  

Create Your Own Store

I love seeing what a client already owns and loves. Often these items are mementos from family, treasures from travel, or reflect the family’s hobbies and interests. These things really personalize the space. 

To energize your interiors, take the accessories out of each room and create a “store” to “buy” from. Often, it turns out that a client has a collection that they didn’t know they owned.  If you find three or more of a certain type of accessory, that is a collection that may create interest being grouped on a tray rather than scattered around the house. In addition, it’s also helpful to sort your “store” by color.

Live with What You Love

Also, consider donating, passing along, or throwing away things that are dated or tired looking. A common example is a dried or silk flower arrangement. These can get dusty; the colors aren’t right for today; or they’re faded.

It’s also okay not to display the present that someone gave you, if you don’t like it. Instead, just think about how uplifting it is to live with only things you love. 

Accessories – Final Layer

Next, fill in the empty spaces with new accessories to give your room a fresh look. We design with classic furnishings that will stand the test of time, so the final layer is where we add the trendy. 

Pillows are a great opportunity to introduce colors, textures, and bold patterns.  For a cohesive look, pillow colors can be repeated in the accessories. Just think how boring rooms on Instagram or in magazines would look if designers stopped short of the final layer!

All Photos and Design: Sharon McCormick Design