Complexity made to look simple

This cabana represents a casual setting for relaxation along a beachside pool.  The ease of the composition hides the complexity of the design.  Textures, materials, color, and light all play a vital role in the feeling one gets when in this space.  The beautiful composition of these elements creates a balance and ease that makes us feel comfortable.  We don’t know why, but we just want to be part of this experience.

A bit of nostalgia

Adding pieces of history to designs connects people with memories of the past (hopefully good ones).  This surfboard brings back a wash of memories. Perhaps, enjoying the beach with family and friends at some earlier time or visiting an exotic location.  We are sentimental and long for the good ol’ days!

Color and Texture

Two of the simplest tools used by designers are color and texture.  Everyone has an immediate reaction or feeling with certain colors.  These psychological connections run deep – blues representing water and sky make us feel calm and relaxed;  red is passionate and exciting, and provides warmth and comfort.  Every color connects us with deeper feelings.

Texture provides exercise for our brains.  We imagine what it must feel like and enjoy how light plays across the surface. Texture also creates contrast and provides designers with a simple way to draw our attention.

This beautiful blue metal siding immediately reminds us of the nearby water, beckoning us to go take a swim.

Horizontal lines

The beauty of the natural wood is accentuated by the contrast of the cobalt blue, corrugated siding.  Both rely on a horizontal foundation lending harmony and direction to the composition.   The “horizontalness” of the material reminds of us the horizon, a familiar and memorable component of every beach location.