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We’re an online community of design experts empowering you to create the home you imagine.

Just think, what if YOUR MODERN COTTAGE, the one you’re living in day in and day out, is the place where you can unwind and find calm from today’s frenetic pace and connect with the present moment.  What if it could promise a special experience of simplicity and connectedness as if you’re on vacation all the time?  

Because more than a physical dwelling, your modern cottage affects how you feel, behave and interact.  When you walk through the door, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but there’s a place for everything.  Its design works for you.  It efficiently streamlines the clutter and makes you feel incredibly relaxed or energized or encouraged to make, to do and to see things a little more clearly.  You slow down, recharge and reconnect with what’s important: family, friends, nature, community and yourself!

Whether a beach house or a condo in the city, big or small, every “cottage” is different.  However, each anchors our busy lives and works in its design to embrace the modern aspects of today while uniquely capturing a sense of nostalgia for times past.


Your MODERN COTTAGE brings you the tools to take control of your home and your future projects.  Our expert contributors will provide you with the information to become more informed or inspired.  Enjoy and learn from articles about design, inspiration, and home improvement.  From creating a budget to finding the right team and managing your construction, we will prepare you to take on your project at any stage and empower you to create your very own modern cottage. Let’s enjoy this journey together!

Jen and Rick