Now that the holidays are over and the decorations are down, here are some tips to updating your space for 2020. The idea is to continue to keep your home cozy and warm.


Many of us can struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  For this, lighting is key.  And, add some mirrors.  Even ancient Egyptians used them to brighten up underground dwellings and passages.  Full spectrum bulbs give off a blue-white tint, which is most similar to daylight.  Look for around 5,000k bulbs at your local hardware store, which can be used in most existing light fixtures.  The easiest suggestion: make a solid habit of opening all of your draperies or shades.  Let that sun in!!!

Paint/Wallpaper an Accent Wall

Both warm and cheerful colors and textures can transform a space.  It can be costly to do a whole room, but one wall can give you a huge bang for your buck.  Natural textures like grasscloth or cheerful colors. I mainly use Benjamin Moore and especially Farrow and Ball, because their colors are truly prismatic.

Snuggle Up

A stylish yet warm and cozy throw is my go to.  I love Fabulous Faux throws, because they are practical.  They can be washed and they are the softest blanket I have ever felt.  They run about $350, so if that’s over your budget, fun throw pillows or even a sheepskin one from Ikea can do the trick.


Fragrance has a much greater effect on mood than people realize.  Certain scents can recall upbeat memories and feelings of springtime.  My personal favorite is a mixture of fragrant lilies and eucalyptus.  They last at least a week and I find the best deals at Whole Foods.  They have a great floral department and believe it or not their prices are reasonable for the quality.  I also have a signature scent by Votivo.  Their candles are soy and last for hours and hours.  I can’t tell you how many compliments I get.  I use the Red Currant scent, but they are all lovely and smell very natural and warming.

Indoor Plants

I am a HUGE proponent of indoor plants shifting the mood of any indoor space.  In the kitchen, I suggest smaller plants like low maintenance succulents and herbs.  In main living areas, I like to source larger plants such as Bird Of Paradise palms or Ficus Trees.  Plants connect us to nature, improve air quality and are proven to reduce stress.  To me they bring a space to life!

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