Nothing warms the heart like sitting by a cozy fireplace.  Therefore, it’s the perfect time of year to share some designs for your pleasure and inspiration.  Every fireplace tells a different story about the home in which it’s a part.  With this in mind, can you understand what each of these is saying?

  1.  This stone fireplace is classic in design.  However, the choice of the stone (color, texture, and size) has an ordered and logical feel to it, giving it an overall sense of refinement.  As a result, it’s classic with a modern twist.  Design by Studio McGee

2.  An old world inglenook.  With its large, local stonework and years of scorch marks, this beauty lets us know it’s been around for a while.  While it occupies only a small part of the room, it demands that we notice it.  But, we notice it in an understated way.  Design by Point One Architects

3.  Modern and sleek, this fireplace anchors the room.  To illustrate, the concrete material with the shape of the firebox lets us know this is indeed a modern space.  At the same time, simple details and ordered appearance still allow the views beyond to dominate.  Design by Carney Logan Burke Architects

4.  A social setting.  This fireplace demands that we sit around it and enjoy each others company as much as the fire itself.  Retro modern at its finest, this marvel floats above the floor. Thus, it creates a truly interesting visual element for the room.
5.  The designer’s dilemma:  How do you showcase both a fireplace and an awesome view on the same wall?  For this project, this designer chose to make the fireplace the center of attention.  Simultaneously, over-sized windows offer flanking views.  The two work together, creating a great overall composition.  Design by Point One Architects
6.  A truly modern cottage, this design by Hutker Architects blends classic room elements with modern details.  For example, the fireplace, with its massive pieces of cut stone, creates a strong focal point for the room.  In addition, the view provides an equally strong counterpoint.  One can enjoy the power of the fireplace and mother nature at the same time.

7.  Black steel surround, with modern and comfort everywhere, this one’s a classic. However, it’s detailed with a modern touch.  For instance, the shape and proportion of the firebox are unique.  At the same time, it adds a sense of proportion and scale to the room that we can enjoy.  Conversely, furnishings provide a stark contrast to the fireplace.  They are soft, full of texture, and say, get ready to relax.  Likewise, add a little rustic feel and you have a winner.  Design by Studio McGee

8.  A cozy corner and a great design solution.  Carney Logan Burke Architects positioned this fireplace in the exact spot as the panoramic view beyond.  As a result, the creative position of the fireplace opened up the opportunity to create a unique extended hearth.  It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the warmth and take in the powerful landscape.
9.  Local material rule.  It looks like local masons scooped up these stones directly from the site.  The fireplace (and the home) ties to its environment, making it feel almost timeless.  Thus, the skill of designer and mason are on display here.  It’s evident that they worked closely together to create this jewel.  Design by Hutker Architects