If you’ve already reviewed our article on selecting a new kitchen faucet (The Perfect Kitchen Update Part 1), you know this is a great way to make a big impact in your kitchen with relatively little effort. Your kitchen sink and faucet are the most used elements of your kitchen, so making an update here (a great idea before the holidays) will make a big difference. Here, we’ll look at the many exciting options available to update your sink.

 “There are so many beautiful sink options that can make a statement in your kitchen,” said Showroom Manager Wanda Garay at Frank Webb Home in Hartford. “Perhaps you grew up in a house with a white porcelain or stainless steel kitchen sink.  They are still popular, but often homeowners are looking for a sink to accessorize the look of the kitchen.”

Configure Your Sink to Match your Life

Most kitchen sinks have two bowls, originally designed for washing and rinsing dishes. Since we no longer hand wash dishes often, you can think out of the box and configure your sink to match your lifestyle. How do you use your kitchen sink? Do you wash a lot of baking pans? If so, consider a large single bowl sink or a dual level sink with enough room to lay the pans down to soak. Most dual level sinks feature an oversized bowl to wash or soak items, with another smaller sink for rinsing or a garbage disposal. Make sure both bowls are large enough to meet your kitchen needs.

There’s a Kitchen Sink to Match Your Style

With the popularity of modern farmhouse design, apron-front sinks (often called farmhouse sinks) are a top request. This style, which Is reminiscent of those found in historic farmhouses, is now available in a wide range of materials. While you might think of a farmhouse sink as white porcelain or similar material, today’s models come in stainless steel, as well as solid surface materials that make a range of colors available for your design.

Copper sinks are gaining popularity due to their “living finish,” which will develop a patina over time. While they require the most care of all sink materials, their distinctive look makes them a favorite. Some manufacturers offer non-ferrous metal materials, mixed with polymers, that have the look of copper, but do not required the same level of care.

Undermount sinks, which come in a range of materials, are installed below the countertop. They are used with solid surface countertops such as granite, quartzite, marble or composite. Undermounting a sink offers a seamless look and makes clean-up a breeze.

Zero radius sinks are one of the newest sink trends. These sharp 90-degree rectangular sinks have a perfectly flat bottom.

Need More Than One Kitchen Sink?

 Sometimes one sink is just not enough. Many homeowners are now supplementing their primary kitchen sink with a food preparation sink or a bar sink, often installed in an island or wet bar. This allows multiple people to participate in food and beverage prep, as well as cleaning. You’ll find a wide variety of sizes and shapes available for these secondary sinks.

Stainless Steel Tips

“With so many styles to choose from, it may surprise you that stainless steel continues to be the top kitchen sink material,” said Garay. “So, when shopping for a stainless steel sink, it’s important to consider the thickness, or gauge, of the steel. The thicker the steel, the better.”

 According to the team at Frank Webb Home, the lower the number on the gauge, the thicker the steel. Typically, a 16- or 18-gauge stainless steel is the best for kitchen sink applications. A higher gauge, like 22- or 24-gauge, will be more susceptible to denting, bowing and staining. 

No Substitute for Expertise

With so many options, it’s important to find a reputable showroom team to answer all of your questions. Expertise is invaluable when choosing a kitchen sink and faucet, as quality construction and functional differences aren’t always apparent. You can start with online videos and design guides here. When you’re ready to visit a showroom, Frank Webb Home has more than 45 locations in the Northeast, so you can find your local showroom here.  

Photos Courtesy of  Frank Webb Home