There is something special about new homes that take inspiration from traditional barn forms.  Maybe it’s nostalgia, their connection to the past, or the familiar shapes and gable roof forms. No matter the reason, the modern barn home has become very popular today.  We are seeing these once utilitarian structures turn into dramatic and beautiful modern cottages that give a new meaning to the phrase, “Were you raised in a barn?” If only we all could be so lucky.

This home by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, presents a classic barn form to visitors as they approach.  However, open that beautiful barn door, and walk into a modern home fit with all the things that make us happy today, including a full gable wall of glass that connects us to the beautiful property beyond.

By their nature, barns are an integral part of the properties they support. This home, designed by Steven Harris Architects, and landscape become one beautifully integrated composition that’s hard not to fall in love with.

Old and new blend seamlessly together in this home designed by El Dorado.  The modern addition shares the same shapes and proportion of the original stone barn.  The metal exterior siding and large glass openings separate the two sides from each other, giving the home a very comfortable feeling while spanning past to present.

It’s the classic barn form that shapes this modern home designed by Faulkner Architects.  The simple gable shape allows the architect to add materials in a modern way and still maintain the comfort and warmth this home exudes.  

This classic New England barn, in the hands of Birdseye Architects, fits perfectly in its surroundings.  Once again, the familiar barn form is transformed with modern materials and large window expanses into a home that works for how we live today.   It’s the simple design moves by the architect that allows this home to work perfectly for the homeowners.

Sometimes all it takes is a little twist from the norm to create something unexpected and beautiful.  CLB Architects shifts the ridge of the gable roof, just a bit, to create this unique shape which is reflected both inside and out.  This simple design decision transforms the home into a modern expression of the past, paying homage to the local history, while at the same time creating a space built for today.