Now that you’ve been working from home, are you noticing things about your house that are really annoying?  For instance, situations that you normally might overlook are making your blood pressure skyrocket because there are so many other pressures. It’s a common response to stress.

Make a List of Home Issues 

For better or for worse, your surroundings have a psychological impact. So, I suggest making a list of issues you want resolved. Making a list will give you a sense of control and allow you to empty your mind. Then, prioritize list items or arrange them sequentially to help in formulating an action plan. Do you know someone who adds something they’re in the process of doing just for the joy of crossing it off the list? Well, it’s very satisfying. 

DIY Home Projects

Now, decide which projects are in your skill set, and which ones require outside help. First, begin the projects you’ll be personally responsible for and do the easiest ones first to get a sense of accomplishment.  Do-it-yourselfers can tackle projects by rethinking the process.

For example, when we have a virtual paint consultation we have 8” x 10” samples mailed from the paint manufacturer directly to the client. Once the final choice is made, paint and supplies can be ordered online and delivered right to their door. Don’t forget, you can do this too without leaving the safety of your home. Hardware stores are considered essential, so they will be open as well. 

Seek Professional Advice

But, remember, renovations or other large projects, can benefit from seeking professional advice. Any interior designer or architect will tell you that planning is the most important phase. Mistakes are very expensive and often result in twice the cost – paying for the mistake and paying again to fix it. An investment in a well-thought out plan is money well spent. For instance, 3-D renderings bring a design to life to visualize proportions, scale, function, and design details. 

Kitchen Update

Kitchens are the heart of the home and too often the source of frustration. Our lifestyles change over time, so homes need to change as well. Life transitions such as getting married or divorced, having children, becoming empty nesters, or retiring often prompt a desire to update a kitchen. It’s wise to consider aging-in-place techniques as well.

Master Bath Changes

Cramped quarters, a single sink, and lack of storage are common master bath complaints, which increase tension between couples. The ideal master bathroom has a spa-like atmosphere. Changes could include eliminating a tub to create a two-person shower, adding a steam shower for its therapeutic qualities, and carving out space for a water closet.

Vet Contractors; Get Quotes

If you’ll need contractors to carry out the work, now is the time to vet them and obtain quotes if your project is well-defined. You’ll want to be first in line and ready to go when social distancing ends, because it’s likely there will be a pent-up demand for interior labor. However, outdoor work can be done in the meantime.

Take this forced pause to reflect upon how your home is really working for you. Change can be good.

Design By Sharon McCormick Design

Photo Credits: Beall Photography

White Kitchen: Urso Photography