What do you do in a super large room with a wall of windows, several entrances and a kitchen in the corner?  You call Design House Interiors, of course!

This was the challenge for a charming family of four who just moved into their forever home.  The space had great bones with tall cathedral ceilings and beautiful bright windows on one end and a lower ceiling, fireplace wall and large kitchen on the other, with entrances open to the dining room and front entry.

When we first consulted with the family, the goal was to create an entertaining space for both large crowds as well as a cozy family space for watching tv and relaxing by the fire.  Space planning was key because we also needed dining for 8 -10 as well as to take advantage of the beautiful views to the outside pool and patio.  So, it was no big trick to realize we needed to split the room into four quadrants; kitchen, dining, family room and living room.  However, the trick was setting up the furnishings in a way that took advantage of everything the room had to offer. 

Good space planning ensures your needs and requirements will be met in each section.

“This is My Happy Place”

We started by adding a large sectional, colorful accent chairs and a coffee table with stylish storage in front of the fireplace.  Beautiful credenzas flank each side of the fireplace and provide additional storage without the cost or work of a built-in. We styled one side with a large round mirror and the other with the family’s large television for balance.  The mantle is home to the family’s existing artwork, which proclaims “This Is My Happy Place,” a sentiment we aimed to keep.

Living Room 

Now on to the living room ‘section.”  In order to take advantage of the lovely views, we opted for a large sofa in a complementary color to the sectional. Then, we placed them back-to-back with a slim sofa table in between.  This living room sofa faces the pool area and it’s grounded by a glass top coffee table that has casual woven poufs placed underneath.  It’s perfect for extra seating or putting up your feet!


A large rustic round table with a zinc base and 6 burlap back and vegan leather dining chairs sit next to the kitchen to complete our dining ‘section.’   The roomy area is perfect for casual diners, family games or poker night!  Our clients were thrilled with their new great room. In fact, they have confirmed that it truly is the heart of the home and their ultimate “happy place!”