Intrigued by its classic simplicity, light-filled rooms and seamless connection between interior and exterior environments, homeowners are embracing modern design like never before. And windows play an important role. 

“The new Signature Modern line of windows and doors from Marvin combines functionality and freedom,” said Sue Shockley, Marvin Brand Ambassador at the country’s only Marvin Experience Center, located in Boston Seaport. 

“These beautiful products are more than design elements; they are a lifestyle statement for the growing number of homeowners with a passion for clean, simple lines that bring in the beauty of the outdoors.” 

Here are 5 ways that Signature Modern sparks the imagination of homeowners…    


Are you looking for less clutter and less ornamentation in your home? You’re not alone. Homeowners throughout the region are passionate about simplicity. Signature Modern is designed to create narrow sightlines (less than 3” wide), removing all distractions from your view. All weatherstripping and fasteners are concealed to maintain a clean, crisp edge. Your windows or doors almost disappear, so your view is all you perceive. The result of designing for simplicity is dramatic, bringing a sense of calm to your home.  

Personalized Design

If you can imagine it, you can likely find it with Signature Modern. This collection offers unprecedented glass sizes and shapes to create your vision. What’s more, Signature Modern windows and doors are crafted in a curated color palette of ebony, bronze, anodized/silver, gunmetal and stone white. There’s also the ability to split finishes on interior and exterior. This takes “custom windows” to a whole new level.

  • Modern Casement windows are available in numerous sizes including up to 3’8” wide or 8’6” tall, operable in crank out or push out styles.
  • Modern Awning windows are available in numerous sizes up to 8 feet wide or 8 feet tall, with certain requirements based on operation type. These are also operable in both crank out or push out styles.
  • The Push Out Awning window is available up to 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall.
  • Direct Glaze Windows come in an array of shapes and sizes up to approximately 94 square feet.

Connects Interior With the Beauty Beyond

Connecting with the natural world is a priority for most Northeast homeowners. This new line is designed to bring homeowners closer to nature every moment of the year. Signature Modern’s Multi-Slide Door can be crafted almost as long as an entire bowling lane. Plus, it is available in more than 30 configurations, with various operational choices. This means your experience of the ocean, mountains or beautiful yard doesn’t stop when winter’s chill sends you inside. Instead, these vistas can be an inspiring part of your life year round. What’s more, these doors, no matter the size, are designed to effortlessly open with hardware that stays true to the modern aesthetic.

Sharing Your Concern For the Planet

Homeowners have historically worried about increased energy costs with large glass expanses. Signature Modern has been meticulously engineered for energy efficiency and performance. It boasts an industry-first, revolutionary high-density fiberglass exterior and an aluminum interior, making these windows and doors extremely durable and energy-efficient for all climates. No other modern window and door line employs this fiberglass material in conjunction with this proprietary frame design. Architects appreciate the energy-efficiency ratings, while you will enjoy the year-round comfort and reduced energy bills.

Visionary Tools: Online Marvin Visualizer and Boston Marvin Experience Center

The Signature Modern line has been crafted to offer the details that architects value when designing a modern home and the features homeowners seek in creating a light- and air-filled sanctuary. To help homeowners and their architects envision their Signature Modern options, Marvin has designed a web-based Visualizer Tool that provides general product configurations to showcase available shapes, sizes, colors and more. The visualizer tool  and introduction video can be found online at

Hastings takes this visualization one step further, with its Marvin at 7 Tide Brand Experience Center in Boston Seaport. In this non-sales environment, architects, designers and homeowners can see these products in full-scale through Hastings’ proprietary technology. Marvin at 7 Tide Brand Ambassadors curate product selections of interest and project them instantly in full size on a projection wall to help designers and homeowners truly experience what their windows and doors will feel like in their space. All photos, renderings and samples of interest are emailed to the visitor at the end of their visit, so they may be shared with the entire design team for collaboration.

For complete information on Marvin’s entire product selection, visit

All photos courtesy of Marvin at 7 Tide