Inspiration fuels great design. I most often seek design inspiration in visual cues. By simply looking at things around you, you can pull inspiration for textures, colors, shapes, and function.

Find Unexpected Moments of Beauty

Creating interesting and modern spaces — whether it be interior spaces, outdoor landscapes, kitchens or showrooms — comes second nature to me.  I enjoy unexpected moments of beauty. It’s often something very simple in my everyday experience with architecture, texture, landscape and even cooking.

Kitchens need to be functional, as well as lively, fresh, and beautiful. If I get an opportunity to play with color, I’m energized.  Warm colors exhibit energy and joy, while cool colors convey calmness and peace. These are the basic color schemes, yet I step them up a notch or use them subtly with tints and shades indigenous to the environment.

The World Offers Inspiration…Look for it!

I keep my work interesting through my love of travel.  I’ve traveled the world, capturing moments of color or a city’s innovative architecture, and then translate these shapes and forms to Fletcher Cameron’s considered and inspired kitchens.

Plus, I constantly have a camera in hand in the kitchen to take snapshots of food for color inspiration.  There is without a doubt an emotional connection to what I do.