I was at a friends’ house recently, helping them pull together some finishes in their living room. We were discussing a corner and they said, “We don’t want another bookcase and we don’t want a piece of art because it will compete with what’s on the bigger wall…” I let them keep talking about what they didn’t want and then I said, “You need some greenery in here.”  They exclaimed, “YES!”


Add Life to a Room

Plants and flowers are a way to add an element of texture and brightness that instantly transforms a space. It’s such an inexpensive way of quickly and easily changing the look of a room.  I like to group plant stands or tables that are different heights and styles together.  It’s an easy way to fill up an awkward space and add life to a room!

Fresh Flowers

I have some staple plants that are around my house.  Every few weeks I change up fresh flowers to add some beautiful color to my entryway table and my kitchen island. I get them when I’m doing my weekly shopping at the grocery store.  They have a beautiful selection of fresh flowers that are very reasonably priced – especially, if you don’t mind arranging them yourself!

Water One Day a Week!

When I mention adding greenery to a space, I often hear “I can’t keep anything alive!” or “I don’t have a green thumb!”  Honestly, you don’t need to be an expert gardener to keep a few house plants alive. I choose one day a week – Sunday – and water all my plants around the house. I tend to use ferns, pothos, jade and other succulents because they are particularly hardy and resistant if you forget to water!  I promise, you can do it too!

Photos Courtesy of Amber Interiors; bottom photo Decorilla