The Power to Change 

 At Your Modern Cottage, we believe that design has the power to change how you live.  This belief is the reason why we love what we do and come to work every day.  We continuously strive to find ways to deliver “Good Design” to each of our clients.    

This core purpose has created the foundation for how we interact with you, our community, and each other.  We love working with our clients to see their visions become reality and to bring positive change to their lives.

Good Design is Always User-Centered 

At the heart of Good Design is a true, deep, and honest understanding of our clients — their needs, their wishes, and their dreams.  We refer to this as Design DNA.  Every person and family has one.  As design professionals, it’s our job to get to the heart of our client’s Design DNA by identifying the unique characteristics that form it.  We work hard to uncover all of this useful information.  It’s an interactive process that opens our eyes (and our client’s eyes) to the possibilities of design.  Our clients are at the heart of what we do! 

Good Design is Responsible  

We believe that Good Design is responsible.  First and foremost, Good Design is responsible to the user, but it is also responsible to the community.  Good design enhances our neighborhoods and adds value to homes and properties.  It is also responsible to the environment.  We are proponents of designing spaces that are efficient in material usage, energy usage and space usage.  

Good Design is Beautiful 

Because of a deep approach to understanding our clients and being responsible to the community and the environment, design becomes more than a superficial exercise.  Instead, it’s a process that gets to the core issues and solves them by understanding the client’s vision.  We truly believe that design that honestly addresses the concerns of the users and creatively solves problems for the future is inherently beautiful — no matter the aesthetic style. 

All designs above are by Point One Architects, our “sister” design firm. 

For more information on understanding the design process, download our free guide “5 Quick + Easy Steps to DESIGN.”