Maximizing time spent outside is on everyone’s minds. But, how do we make the most of outdoor spaces? Well, we talked to top designers to get their tips on how to design memorable and inviting spaces outdoors.  

Create a Mood

To make an outdoor space feel special and fun, bring in chic accessories, special details and fabulous lighting. Featured above, this incredible outdoor space in Chatham, MA is made all the more fabulous by Jocelyn Chiappone of Digs Design Co in Newport.

Simple folding chairs have a playful flair with white fringe, while large-scale lanterns create a special mood. Ultimately, the pretty patterned umbrella that carries through the fringe completes the scene. And, it makes for a mood that feels totally relaxed, fun and celebratory. 

Featured image above by Greg Premru.

Happy Colors Inside & Out in the Hamptons

For the young family that comes to this Hamptons house each summer weekend, days are spent running back and forth from the pool to the kitchen. To connect the pool design to the interiors, Nancy Galasso and Diane Karmen kept the color scheme the same in both locations.

Blue chaises with pops of orange and fun towels are artfully rolled at the foot of each chaise. The blue and orange accents carry through to the interiors. Whether one is inside or out, the happy colors set the tone that this is a place for fun and relaxation.

Outdoor pool design and interiors above designed by Nancy Galasso and Diane Karman. Photography by Lorin Klaris. 

High & Low Make for a Fabulous Mix

For this deck design in sunny Miami, Anthony Pippo designed the outdoor space just as he would an indoor room. By creating multiple seating areas, there are intimate spots for coffee with a friend.  Additionally, there are lots of seating spaces to accommodate gatherings of big groups.

As with interiors and fashion, the mix of high and low is what works in this outdoor space. Larger pieces like the sofa and dining tables come from pricier brands like Holly Hunt, Dedon and Gloster. On the other hand, dining chairs, side tables and throw pillows are sourced from more accessible brands such as CB2 and West Elm. The mix makes the space feel fun, fresh and fabulous.

Images on right and below designed by Anthony Pippo; Photos by Neil Landino

Fun Throw Pillows Make an Outdoor Space

To take an outdoor space to the next level, Cindy Rinfret is all about using bold throw pillows that look pretty enough for a formal living room.

Neutral tones in the sofas, chaises and chairs at this Darien, CT home are transformed with fabulous throw pillows in pops of juicy orange. The color choice picks up the colors in the terracotta roof, brick flooring and garden flowers.

The pillows add to the comfort of the space. Furthermore, they make for an important design element, bringing pattern and style, while connecting the seating areas to the surrounding landscape. 

Image on right and next two images designed by Cindy Rinfret. Photos by Neil Landino.

Monochromatic Makes a Modern Outdoor Statement

Sometimes keeping it simple and focused is the best way to make a statement.

For her Southport home, Courtney Yanni of Moss Design went with a palette of all black for this fire pit vignette.

The modern lines of the chairs bring a cool spin on the classic Adirondack chair and the iron fire pit brings a sculptural effect to the look. In addition, the gravel helps to define the space and set it apart as a special gathering spot. 

Design by Moss Design; Photo by Amy Vischio (right)  

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