In Coffee and Tea, Jennifer delves into the mind of Sabrina.  While sipping tea and coffee respectively, Jennifer learns why and how a designer does what she does through discussions of process, techniques, and tools of the trade.

I love this powder room.  From the detailed wallpaper to the vintage fixtures and pretty orchid, it’s simply elegant.

First, let’s start with the wallpaper…oops, that’s decorating lingo faux pas.  It’s “wallcovering,” which is probably why it sounds and looks so damn better than what I witnessed as wallpaper growing up.  Well, Sabrina says it’s becoming popular again, and when done right, it can really be a show stopper, as it is here.  A powder room is perfect for wallcovering because it’s not a high traffic area and won’t get damaged.  Plus, there isn’t high humidity.

Everything in this photo compliments each other.  Teamed perfectly with the color of the wallcovering is the Carrera marble countertop and porcelain, undermount sink.  The mirror’s frame, wall sconces, and exposed plumbing are all of a similar silver tone finish.

Look at the mirror — did you notice the open door?  I was too busy looking at the pink orchid, which actually plays more of an important role than just sitting pretty.  It brings warmth and life to the space.  There’s no window, so it gives you something to admire.

Nothing is ornate in this powder room, yet there is a luxuriousness about it.  The mirror isn’t formal, but nicely framed.  The wall sconce is a transitional fixture — simple, yet sophisticated, minimalistic and practical.  It’s not a big bathroom, but it makes up for its size in its details.