Your modern cottage should be filled with the things you love!  Mix classic linen with modern and fun and you get Studio Patro. You’ll instantly fall in love with all of the items this San Francisco company has to offer. Visit for all your kitchen and dining linen needs!


1. Linen Napkins – Classic and utterly gorgeous – sometimes it’s best to keep it simple.  Price: Set of 4 for $36.00

2. Striped Napkins – Pattern, pattern, pattern, and in so many colors.  We just love the simple and elegant beauty of these modern kitchen staples.  Price: Set of 2 for $25.00

3.  Linen Gift Bags – What better way to say thank you – a gift beautifully presented with these modern interpretations of the classic gift bag.  Price: Set of 3 for $36.00

4. Color Block Linen Towels – Bring a bit of color and pattern to your kitchen with these awesome linen towels.  Modern colors add a spark to any style kitchen.  Price: Set of 3 for $78.00

5.  Kitchen Apron –  The signature product of Studio Patro – these functional items bring a bit of class and style to every hard working cook!  Price: $76.00

ABOUT Studio Patro

“Useful” and “beautiful” – two words that motivate me in my work and at home. Designer and craftsman William Morris said it best: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 

Our linen is the finest medium-weight linen available, and is naturally sustainable and luxurious. We test for absorbency and sturdiness, and these aprons and towels work beautifully. They remain strong and actually get softer with lots of use. 

Each tea towel is handprinted one-by-one, using ecologically friendly water-based inks. We are committed to working locally and to creating meaningful working relationships that honor the collaboration, talent and expertise of our screeners and sewing partners. Every detail of production is important to us, right down to the ribbon we tie on each package that goes out to you.

~ Christina Weber, Owner