In Coffee and Tea, Jennifer delves into the mind of Sabrina and shines a light on her art.  While sipping tea and coffee respectively, Jennifer learns why and how a designer does what she does through discussions of process, techniques, and tools of the trade. 

For the owners of this renovated home with fabulous views of the river, Sabrina said the couple wanted a cleaner aesthetic with simpler and much more modern finishes. 

These before and after photos show that huge transformations can be made by renovating instead of moving.  The living area above looks much larger than in the picture below because the photographer could stand further back.  A wall was taken down separating the living room and kitchen.

Color Change

Who would have thought that changing the color of the walls could make such an impact? Lighter walls and furniture lighten up the entire space.  Previously, the red walls distracted the eye from appreciating the river views.

The darker fireplace makes for a natural focal point.  By simply changing the mantel surround and hearth to concrete from white (here’s color change again), it grabs your attention.  And, notice the wide plank walnut flooring.  It really adds to the sophisticated new look.

Furniture Choice & Lighting

The dark coffee table grounds the entire seating area — a mix of old and new furniture with open bottoms adds to the light and airy feeling.  Would you ever think that the chairs are actually hand me downs from a relative?  A bench extends the seating in the room and keeps the view unobstructed as opposed to choosing a sofa with a back.

And, these are not your 1970s track lights!  A great way to highlight a vaulted space and illuminate your seating area, track lighting pairs perfectly with the custom handrail.  

The old staircase was modern at the time, but now a new staircase ties the whole look together.  And, just like the grandfather clock still sits majestically in the same position, so does the staircase.

On Monday’s blog, I’ll show you before and after photos of this home’s renovated kitchen.  “Wow” is an understatement.