In Coffee and Tea, Jennifer delves into the mind of Sabrina and shines a light on her art.  While sipping tea and coffee respectively, Jennifer learns why and how a designer does what she does through discussions of process, techniques, and tools of the trade. 

You’re saying, “Wow,” right?  That’s what I said when Sabrina put the these before and after kitchen photos from last week’s renovated riverfront home side by side for me. 

Can you believe the photo above spotlights the same window that’s in the photo below?  The one above looks like a painting in an art gallery.  Without the pots and pans in front of it, the window enhances the outdoors and brings it into the house.  

New dark cabinets act like a frame and even highlight the bark in the tree.  They pop beautifully and create an overall warm atmosphere compared to the previous lighter color.

And, don’t forget that a wall was originally between the living room and the kitchen.  It was removed, creating an open floor plan with wide plank walnut flooring throughout to unify the spaces. The darker cabinets, which go all the way up to the ceiling, add to the open feel.  Surprising how dark cabinets can brighten a room, right?

This is an example — a very good one — of how you don’t need to build from scratch or put a for sale sign on your lawn.  By reorganizing your space, adding new finishes, and updating lighting and appliances, you can get a modern and sophisticated look in your current home.