Design by

Kathleen Field of Lindsay Hill Interiors

Today we are taking a close look at a beautiful kitchen designed by Kathleen Field of  Lindsay Hill Interiors.  Kathleen is a designer living and working in the beautiful mountains of Utah.  You can find more of her awesome work at

There is absolutely no way to look at this kitchen and not fall in love with it. It has a sense of calm and serenity about it. It just feels comfortable and designed with ease, which by the way, is no easy feat for any designer.  There is no clutter. No wasted design moves. Just the careful blend of neutral materials with just the right amount of texture and color to add the interest we love.

Kathleen keeps to a simple palette of materials. Light grey tone shaker cabinets and white countertops are accented by beautiful wood tones and that awesome blue grey, which happens to be Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams.  Stools in oak add warmth to the space. It’s just the right amount of contrast. The accent tiles at the backsplash add texture and a sparkle to the kitchen. These tiles become our focus!  The pattern adds interest without distracting us from the overall scheme.

Kathleen repeats design elements like this x-shaped cabinet detail. It lends a bit of craft to the project, letting us know that somewhere someone worked hard in making this beautiful thing.  A perfect touch, the oak shelves draw our eyes to the things the homeowner wants to display.  The color here ties the entire design together.

It’s a rare talent when a designer leaves their mark by being subtle, simple, and calm. It feels like it’s not even designed, just a kitchen sent from above.  But, in fact, we know that it takes the skills of a clever designer to make this kitchen feel so unforced.

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