Who wouldn’t want to get a sneak peek inside Tommy Hilfiger’s home(s)? After all, we can all learn a thing or two on how an internationally recognized designer – known for classic, American cool style with a modern twist – designs his own home.  

Every design client is different – unique personalities, lifestyles and tastes influence the relationship between a client and their designer.  But what about celebrity design clients?  Are they just like us?

Interior designer Cindy Rinfret knows what it’s like to work with a celebrity. In the course of more than twenty years, she has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on more of his homes than you can count on two hands.

Plaza Hotel NYC Penthouse Apartment Bedroom (Featured Image); Plaza Hotel Living Room (Above); Photos: Evan Joseph

Here’s a behind the scenes look at what the celebrity design process looks like:

Embrace Adventure!

As an arbiter of fashion, Tommy Hilfiger is more adventurous than your average person and he wants his home to reflect that lifestyle and sense of style. That means that the design truly has to be “one of a kind.”

Honor their Privacy

When dealing with any client, it’s important to honor their privacy and life. That’s how you build a lifelong client.

Interpret and Execute the Details

Now down to the details…how do you bring a celebrity style to life?

Plaza Hotel Living Room; Photo by Evan Joseph

Tommy Hilfiger is full of fabulous ideas and he has a language to express his aesthetic concepts. This is incredibly inspiring and makes for a fruitful design relationship. As a business person who appreciates efficiency and well-executed plans, it is important to Tommy that the concepts be executed expertly.

The true test of an interior designer is their ability to bring design ideas to life without budget mistakes or timing surprises. It’s not the most glamorous part of the job, but it’s imperative to have the vendor relationships. Plus, it’s important to know how to make it all come together perfectly…down to every detail. According to Cindy Rinfret, this is what brings you respect and longevity.

Here are some of our favorite spaces that Cindy Rinfret has designed for Tommy Hilfiger:

Photo by Jenny Gorman

Country House Powder Room

The powder room was inspired by the country house aesthetic. The walls are pheasant feathers, and Rinfret found the antique pedestal with custom zinc sink. It holds its own against the feathered wall coverings and makes the whole space feel like art. Rinfret also designed all the paneled woodwork to coordinate with the woodwork throughout this historic, turn-of-the-century home. The stag antique sconces continue the country house aesthetic for a fully realized design vision.

Photo by Evan Joseph

Plaza Turret

The Plaza turret room in Tommy Hilfiger’s penthouse duplex is a one-of-a-kind project. To create this magical space Rinfret spent a month with Hilary Knight (the artist who created Eloise at The Plaza). Rinfret, Hilfiger and Knight collaborated on a mural that reflected all the classics, inspired by the storied Plaza history, and then integrated Tommy’s own family members into the design.

Exterior of Plaza Turret; Photo by Evan Joseph

All Interior Design by Cindy Rinfret of Rinfret, Ltd.

Watch this video from Architectural Digest.  Tommy and his wife, Dee, take you on a tour of their Plaza Hotel penthouse apartment, including those rooms designed by Cindy Rinfret!