Light, Bright, and Airy

This kitchen feels larger than it is because of its design.  Extensive and uniquely placed windows, along with the high ceilings, create a perception of added volume.  Built-in appliances, and reducing the number of upper cabinets, also helps in creating spatial deception.  This modern kitchen is designed to work right and look beautiful!

A Unique Solution

The windows that occupy the backsplash help make this kitchen feel open and light.   They also provide “surprise” views that are unexpected.  This great idea comes with some challenges that need to be thought through carefully.  Construction becomes a bit more challenging and details need to be figured out ahead of time.


The expansive window at the sink extends the perceived space of the kitchen, offering a view to nature instead of a wall.  This increases the perceived size of the space, making it feel larger as boundaries blur.

Work Surfaces

This kitchen has a variety of expansive work surfaces making it extremely functional.  The changes in materials (wood, and stainless steel) identify the unique work areas.  The wood represents a social area.  We can imagine our friends and families gathering around this island to help prepare a meal and enjoy a glass of wine.

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