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Modern Comfort

I just can’t seem to get enough of this beautiful home design.  It’s that time of year where we think of falling snow, warm fires, and little mountain cottages to snuggle up in.  Well, this may not be so little, but it is very cozy.  Some may question whether or not modern homes can be cozy.  With the right design elements, used in just the right ways, we are confident in saying that modern design can be warm, soft, and comforting. 

This mountain retreat was designed by Brandon Architects.  You’ll typically find their work in sunny and warm California, but this one happens to be in Aspen.  What a perfect setting for the holiday season. To learn more about Brandon Architects take a look at their website at www.brandonarchitect.com and follow them on Instagram @brandonarchitects

Shapes and Masses Create Spaces that EMBRACE

This home is defined by the composition of its masses – ok that’s some crazy architect jargon.  Simply put, designers use the shape of the home and its parts and pieces to define spaces.  Think about a simple courtyard space surrounded by the building itself.  We feel the embrace of the building. And, we are comfortable and at ease.  On a deep level, we feel protected from intruders and safe as we are surrounded by the home itself – no sneak attacks. 

This home uses the courtyard concept in a unique way – the dramatic master bedroom cantilevers to create space beneath – a cozy outdoor living space equipped with both fireplace and jacuzzi.  The users feel protected from the elements.  Sitting here, you feel that you are part of the home, but also connected with the great mountains beyond.  Yet, at the same time, we feel protected from all the mean things that may lurk in the woods beyond.  On a base human level, we feel safe, secure and comforted. 

Control Brings Comfort in Home Design

From inside the cantilevered master bedroom, one feels in complete control of the situation.  Two hundred seventy degree views allows you to take it all in, creating a sense of power and dominance.  When we feel in control of our situations, we feel safe – no surprises or sneak attacks.  We can relax a bit, enjoy our space, and take in all the majesty of the world beyond.  In this case, comfort comes from a sense of control.

Now, more about that space. Notice how the preciseness and sharp edges of the glass and steel windows are softened by the interior finishes.  The warm color of wood floor, the soft glow of the white walls and ceilings, the accent wood detail of the fan, all provide a sense of warmth to the room.  The light and the shadows add to this feeling.  We see sun and we automatically think warmth.

That cozy bed and those awesome chairs provide the needed softness to counteract the hardness of the modern elements.  The two combined – hard and soft, warm and cold, machine and handmade – are in balance with one another.  It’s the balance of the materials that adds comfort. Anything out of balance and we begin to feel uncomfortable.

We Can Learn from All Home Design

OK, let’s face it, not all of us can afford a luxurious modern home in the mountains of Aspen.  But, we can all dream.  Plus, we can also learn from these designs and take the elements and employ them in our spaces.  For example, find a niche in your home, add a perfectly placed window and connect with nature. Take control of the situation.  Mix in some comfy materials and you can create your own cozy, recharging station.

Or, create spaces that embrace you.  A simple pergola is a great example of this.  Use your home as the backdrop and add some protection above.  The combination of the two will create a transition between inside and out.  Connected with nature, but secure and protected from things that might harm you.  For me these days it’s the sun. 

With just a little modern thinking, you will be able to transform your home into your sanctuary – a place to unwind and recharge.  Welcome home to Your Modern Cottage.

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For more of Brandon Architects incredible work check out their website, brandonarchitects.com and be sure to follow them on Instagram.