Pantone has revealed Very Peri as their 2022 Color of the Year (click here), a hue that exudes creativity and possibility. Very Peri invites us to embrace curiosity and a new way forward during a time of transition. Plus, it is expected to be in demand in the upcoming year across many sectors, such as fashion, commercial design, consumer goods and more. So, when it comes to home design how can Very Peri best be incorporated?

We have rounded up the top tips for incorporating your living space with Very Peri hues from the design experts at Sherwin-Williams, Sunbrella, Formica Corporation and Marvin


“We are living in an increasingly digitized world as we blend what once was and what is as our lives become more hybrid in every aspect. This transformation is reflected in almost every element of design, with great emphasis being placed on our home environments as we seek to create living spaces that inspire and mirror our internal experience as we look to a more hopeful future.

To infuse a version of this color into the home, I recommend Gentian SW 6817, a spry and vivacious color that infuses any space with a sense of joyous expressiveness and imagination. Gentian is a forward-thinking, whimsical purple that works well in any environment. Pair it with warm neutrals such as Shoji White SW 7042 or Accessible Beige SW 7036, both from our 2022 Colormix Forecast, for a dynamic and winsome look. Just like Evergreen Fog SW 9130, our 2022 Color of the year, this inspired hue draws on hopefulness and reemergence to invite a sense of wonder and transformation into our homes.”

– Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams


“Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri, represents the imminent power of courageous design, which is something that we’ve always encouraged through the patterns, textures and layering techniques that we explore at Sunbrella.

When it comes to fabric, just as the color represents, there are no rules to how this hue can be applied within the home. You can find inspiration from coordinating Sunbrella fabrics such as Majestic Amethyst or Savane Midnight, which can be applied to everything from throw pillows and poufs to larger pieces like sofas and armchairs to make any space feel positive, uplifting and dynamic.” 

– Greg Voorhis, executive design director at Sunbrella  

Formica Corporation

“Very Peri embodies the energy we have all been craving, as the color both excites and inspires, yet its warmth feels comforting and friendly. This saturated periwinkle hue strikes an empowering balance of cheer, hope and expression, and when applied throughout interior spaces, the result is an environment where we feel inspired to create yet safe enough to express ourselves. When used on surfaces, the color builds a foundation that feels daringly playful, like through the Formica® Laminate darkened version in Cassis.”  

– Renee Hytry Derrington, managing principal of design at Formica Corporation


“Emerging colors reflect society’s collective experiences and the shared spirit of how people are feeling. Pantone’s selection of Very Peri embodies a spirit of optimism and joy after two years of collective and personal evolution.

The fact that Very Peri is part of the nature palette is reflective of how we’ve all been inspired to spend more time outside, or encounter nature more from indoors, and, in many ways, have also found our true selves. We’ve learned that who we are at work and at home is not one dimensional and we are shifting to find the places we can belong as our whole selves, whether at work or with friends and family.

This blurred effect is also seen in how we’ve embraced the best parts of technology, allowing for moments of inspiration and connection. This beautiful blurring of lines is also important in our homes, as we’re continually designing spaces that provide beautiful, seamless transitions between indoors and out, like Marvin Skycove and Marvin Awaken Skylight Windows, allowing us to feel connected with the outdoors and be the best version of ourselves.”

– Christine Marvin, chief marketing + experience officer at Marvin