A lot of clients I talk with want to incorporate something fun, bold, bright, or sparkly, but are afraid to do so. The key is moderation. Keep it simple. These fun pieces should accentuate your room, grounded by neutral colors and textures. Whether it’s a wall color, accent pillow, or an accessory for the mantle, give it a try!

Make a Statement

Remember, going bold doesn’t have to mean painting an entire room bright yellow (although yellow is one of my favorite colors to use as an accent) or hanging a glitzy crystal chandelier. Adding a variety of textures and patterns in neutrals can make quite a statement.

Subtle Punch!

How about a grasscloth wallcovering in a small powder room or inside a built-in bookshelf? The texture will add pizazz while staying in a neutral tone. Also, the fun thing about grasscloth is that it can always be painted in the future, if you get tired of the natural look.

Eye-Catching Design

Go with what your eye is drawn towards and expand on that. The most important part of design is that the space feels comfortable to you. Pull together things you have, things you like, and make it all work together. Don’t be afraid to use a daring color or feature — that’s what makes a unique space!


Intro and End Photos: Dettaglio Interior Design

Powder Room: Design by Pickell Builders

Wine Room Photo and Design:  Point One Architects