The Pool House

Just the words alone conjure up all sorts of pleasant thoughts. From relaxing to lounging to partying, the pool house is a place for us to unwind and reconnect with the most important things in our lives; our families, our friends, and ourselves.  Each one of the 8 pool houses below offer different design elements, but all deliver this same promise. Take a look at the exterior and interior of each.

Traditional Forms Modern Details

This pool house designed by Sanders Architecture blends traditional design elements with more contemporary details, giving the overall design a transitional feeling. The large window in the gable end wall provides a unique viewing area from within at two levels.  The loft turns the pool house into a playhouse.

Simple and Clean

The form and structure of this pool house is simple and easy to comprehend. It’s not hard to figure out how all the pieces work together, both inside and out.  This helps create a sense of relaxation and calm. Oh… and the pool and landscape don’t hurt either.

Design by Thorsen Construction

The Pool Pavilion

This outdoor portion of this pool house is flanked by two jewel-like pavilions – one for entertaining and one for guests to spend the night.  It’s the crafted beauty of the two pavilions that lend the space a sophisticated appeal – a perfect place for entertaining.  Design by Icrave


This pool house designed by RO Rockett Design creates different layers of  connection with the sun.  From full exposure, to delicately shaded, to complete protection, the space offers choices for all users.  These layers can be seen clearly both inside and out.  Photos by  Adam Rouse Photography

A journey with a happy ending

This pool house is the perfect ending to the journey from the home perched above on the hillside.  As one approaches the pool house more of it becomes exposed. What first appears to be a simple structure from above now become a grand space to have a large gathering.  The views to the water beyond are the icing on the cake.  Design by Point One Architects

More than just a pool house

When is a pool house more than just a pool house?  When it  is part of a larger addition that includes an exercise space and garage, which happens to be on the back side of this little beauty.  Matt Fajkus of Matt Fajkus Architecture designed this space as part of  a larger addition. Not all pool houses need to stand alone.

Order and Balance

The overall composition of this pool and pool house creates a sense of order and balance .  The pool, designed to align with the central core of the pavilion, just feels perfectly placed.  The simple, balanced detailing of the structure reinforces the overall feeling.  There is nothing out of place – no clutter to distract. It’s just a place for serenity.  Design by Cass Calder Smith Architecture

A modern pavilion provides shelter

This simple structure provides just the right amount of protection from the sun while providing full access to all the amenities this pool has to offer.  It is often the simple design solutions that offer the greatest design impact.  Design by BMA Architects