Joanna Gaines has influenced many of us in the design world.  Her potting shed above is to die for…just done perfectly with all the bells and whistles.  So, with spring in full bloom, we thought it would be nice to share some inspiration for those weekend warriors ready to tackle the work in the yard.  Perhaps a little incentive from these beautiful sheds will give you a push out the door!

A potting shed made from a standard pre-built building.  Add some awesome details and you end up with a very utilitarian building and classic design.

This potting shed designed by bla Architects takes a classic corn crib shape and turns it into a modern gem in the backyard.

Some of the most functional (and efficient) potting sheds are not sheds at all, just wonderfully crafted spaces to help the avid gardener do their tasks.  A simple table acts as the center of this potting world.

Dare to be bold?  This garden room utilizes a unique translucent “skin” to protect from the elements, gather the sun’s power, and create a unique glowing experience.

The quintessential potting shed – a ruin discovered in the yard.  Transforming old utilitarian structures into new uses is the foundation of “green” design.

Okay, so not technically a potting shed, but think of the possibilities!  This awesome, little outdoor storage structure opens up our minds to endless ideas.  Just image a potting table with all the trimmings inside.

Sometimes simple is the best solution.  For instance, a standard shed can be converted into a gardener’s dream with a bit of details and clever storage. Add a beautiful garden in front and you have the setting for dreams to come true.

Just add water!  This outdoor sink set in an old stone slab is a simple and elegant way to take care of your potting (and hand washing) needs.

Take over a small portion of your garage.  This potting shed is actually part of  an oversized garage with a door adjacent to the garden.

Don’t have the space or need for a complete potting shed?  How about this for an awesomely clever idea?  Flip down the door and an instant potting shed appears.  And it’s sized just right for those small little garden tasks!



When is a potting shed more than a potting shed?  When it becomes part of your outdoor experience.  This shed not only works for the utilitarian functions of the master gardener but also provides a social setting.  Pull up a chair, pour a drink, and enjoy the benefits of your hard labor.