Nothing else gets us dreaming about our homes more than being inspired by great outdoor spaces with pools.  So, we are sharing some of our favorite modern pools to help get our (and your) juices flowing.  After all, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little every now and then.

Design above by Alter Studio

The glass-like water of this pool helps to create a serene feeling in an already very serene setting.  Design has the power to change how we feel, I dare you to sit here for a few minutes and feel any stress.

Design by Roger Ferris + Partners Architects

We love how this pool acts as an organizing element of the home around it.  The rooms are arranged so they face the pool, creating a focal point and creating a sense of place.  You’ll never get lost wandering around this home.

Design by Choate + Hertlein Architects

This little gem just feels cozy.  Adding a little water feature creates a constant soothing background sound, helping to reduce any negative thoughts and shielding you from the outside world.

Design by LORO Design

When is a pool more than a pool?  Well, when it acts as part of the architecture.  This pool design is treated as an element of the overall home composition.  Oh, and it just happens to be a pretty cool place to take the plunge.

Design by Strang Design

Pool and architecture work together to create this beautiful oasis.  Notice how the cabana and pool configuration seem to mimic each other, helping the overall composition of this yard feel unified and comfortable.

Design by Birdseye Architects

Some climates allow for the complete integration between inside and outside.  This space has absolutely no boundaries between the two.

Design by Specht Architects

This pool and the surrounding patio extend the living space of the home.  This makes the home feel and act larger than it is.  Just imagine how big of a pool party you could throw here.

Design by Omar Gandhi

This pool is part of the architecture.  More than just a place to relax and refresh, it’s also one to reflect, both literally and figuratively.  Design activates our emotions. When done in a special way (like this jewel), it can elevate how we feel.

Design by Olson Kundig Architects

LESS IS MORE – The mantra of some modern designers can surely be seen in this pool design.  The small, subtle pool allows the most important part of this home’s design – the landscape – to be the star.

Design by Whitten Architects

Simple geometric forms create contrast between home and nature reinforcing the beauty of both individually.  This pool acts as an integral piece between the two.

Design by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects