Get to Know Yourself

Before starting a successful home design project, get to know yourself.  This is the key to creating a design that not only works, but will also look great.  The first question that you need to ask yourself: “What is my real design challenge?” or “What is the problem I am trying to fix?” 

Diagnose Your Problem

The challenge here is to diagnose the real problem and not just respond to symptoms.  We hear things like this all the time: I need a new kitchen. I just dont have enough counter space to work.”  The immediate reaction is a new kitchen (which costs a boatload), but the real solution may be reconfiguring appliances to gain counter space where it makes the most sense. (Moving a toaster oven is free.)  So first, define your real” challenge. 

Discover Your Style

You’ll also need a solid understanding of this second question: “What is my design style?” or “What should it look like?”  This is where the “Your” part of Your Modern Cottage comes into play.  Truly grasping your own design aesthetic is a very hard thing to do.  Our designers spend the first half of every design project getting to know our clients.  We call it Discovery!  And, you need to do the same thing.  The good news is that we have many resources to help you in this effort.   

Home Design Project Tip:

Surf the Internet and social media pages of Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram.  These are repositories of awesome design stuff.  While fantasizing about other people’s projects, you will start to see trends in the imagery that you like.  The common threads are the basis of your Design DNA.  Identify your DNA and stay on track. 

Starting a design project should be fun.  However, for many, it can be stressful.  So, start each project answering, “What is the best way to fix my functionality issue, while at the same time doing so in a style that is me?”