We Love this Space – Why?

It is almost impossible not to love this space created by Brandon Architects.  The design draws us in.  Thus, we become transported in our minds to this awesome environment.  We imagine ourselves enjoying the connected lifestyle between inside and out, whether a casual conversation in the kitchen to watching the kids swimming in the pool.

For some reason, there is just something about this connection with outside that makes us happy.  It’s hard to explain, but it just does.  We all can learn about the basic elements in this design that draw us in.  With this knowledge perhaps we can begin to transform our own spaces…as humble as they may be.

A Seamless Transition

A large opening creates this feeling of connectedness. One minute we are protected from the elements, yet with simple sliding doors, we connect our living space flow between inside and out.  As a result, the home feels larger.  It’s not always practical to have an entire wall open, but this design concept can work in almost any home with larger expanses of glass, French or sliding doors, and a simple threshold.

Create the Desire!

The pool, terrace, and sitting areas become a destination for this homeowner.  Viewing this scene from inside, it’s nice to know that there is a place to go when the weather is right.  This mentally helps our feeling of “connectedness” with the outside.  Basically, we see it and we want to be a part of it.  This same feeling, however, can happen without the pool.  Simply create a space outside that you enjoy and make it visible from many spaces within the home.  Even for those who live in less desirable climates, this is possible.

A Place of Quiet!

While we focus on the open concept living of this home, it is also important to note that there is a place of quiet and protection.  For instance, the living room pavilion allows views to the outside while providing a place to feel safe and cozy.

Image a fire burning in this space as well as a place to read and relax, while the activity of the rest of the home goes on.  Give yourself space for peace and quiet when you need it.  It doesn’t have to be disconnected.

A Balanced Design is the Goal!

An architect’s observation:  The second floor dormer gently resides over the outdoor space like a watchful mother.  It too offers a feeling of protection and safety. The scale and massing are just right, providing comfort and balance to the entire setting.   Architecture is funny in that when it is right, we don’t always notice.

See more work by Brandon Architects at www.brandonarchitects.com

All Photography by Tosti Studios

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