In Coffee and Tea, Jennifer delves into the mind of Interior Designer Ginny ODonohue of Ginger Ross & Co.  While sipping coffee and tea, Jennifer learns why and how a designer does what she does through discussions of process, techniques, and tools of the trade.  

How do you not feel inspired to change something, anything in your home after looking at these amazing Before and After pictures?  This office is a great example of how paint can completely reinvent the look and feel of a room.

Straight from the interior designer herself, Ginny O’Donohue says she’s a huge advocate for paint/wall coverings as transformative materials. And not only for the obvious reason of lightening/brightening a room, but more importantly for updating a space without a huge expense or commitment.

Paint Creates Moods & Feelings

“Paint is quite simply the easiest, cheapest and often most transformative process in interior design,” she says. “It is one that people stress over — and for good reason.  If chosen successfully, paint creates certain moods and feelings in a space, setting the foundation and tone for design decisions that follow.”

“My clients worked with the original builder of their house on this project. When we were talking about painting the office, the builder was adamantly opposed. The wood paneling was custom oak and he couldn’t imagine changing it.”

Take a closer look at the color of the wood paneling as well as the floors.  Ginny says it perfectly, “It just looked funny together.”

The Finish Makes a Difference

So, the traditional oak walls became a high gloss gray.  Although the Benjamin Moore color — Tucker Gray — is not light, Ginny says that the high gloss finish creates a lightness in the space that still preserves a library/office coziness.  Paint can look completely different depending on the finish that you choose.

Other design elements that bring this office into 2019: sleek and streamlined drapery with custom, showstopping details, modern hardware, and an antelope carpet.  In addition, the transitional grasscloth chosen for the ceiling is a soft, flat material against the high gloss walls. It creates a sense of coziness by bringing the ceiling down a bit.  And the red sofa that nestles perfectly in the semicircular nook solidifies the custom aspect of the space.

Do What You Love

“When designing and building YOUR home, you are allowed (and I encourage) to make certain decisions that make you happy, that change a space to suit your family and your palette. Your home should be a curated space of things you love.  So, if painting old oak walls and your grandmother’s furniture make you happy, I say go for it.”

Ginny, we couldn’t agree more over here at “YOUR” Modern Cottage.