The New Black

Black houses, or technically dark shades of gray, are a growing trend in the residential design world.  With bold and daring designs, they are popping up in many of our neighborhoods, while providing contrast and options to the standard color choices typically seen. Done right, these sleek homes can be designed in many traditional ways and also push the limits of our modern thinking.

Welcome Home!

This clean and modern entry sets the tone for the house.  Black walls and glass make a good team.

Design by StudioFour Architects

Classic and Simple Design

If you like black houses with white trim, be sure to keep things simple. This beautiful home keeps the window sizes and shapes consistent – a great design move!

Design by Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

Warm Inside

The contrast created by the black exterior and the glowing interior of this home really accentuates the warmth found inside. It must be cozy in there!

Design by Campos Studio

A Twist on the Modern Farmhouse

When we think farmhouse we usually think white, but guess again. This classic farmhouse style uses a change in the norm to create a more modern feeling.

Design by Carlton Edwards Architects

A Contemporary Courtyard

Architects like to ease you into spaces gradually.  This entry courtyard helps the transition between inside and out.  You feel covered from the elements but are still exposed to the sky and light.

Design by PAO Architects

A Masterful Transformation

This is your typical American ranch house with a very modern interpretation.  Add some cool black siding and roof material to your suburban dream and you can shock the world – and your neighborhood!

Design by Oza Sabbeth Architects

Black Houses – They’re Not Always Modern

Paint your classic Victorian home a dark shade of gray and make a huge impact.  You can’t be shy here – there is no in between.

The Simplest of Homes can Have High Drama

With the simple choice of color, this home becomes a dramatic masterpiece.  While the forms and massing of this cottage remain pure, the dark color with white trim transforms it into something quite unique and surprising.

These are Air B+B’s in Iceland

Contrast is the Key

The dark details contrast beautifully with the natural wood, allowing this home to feel comfortable.  Our eyes settle and we relax.  

Design by Carlton Edwards Architects

Black – It’s not Just for Outside Anymore

Black is also making a major impact on the interior of our homes. Here’s a taste of just that!

Design by StudioFour Architects