We’re all striving for simplicity in our lives, yet we aren’t sure how to achieve it.  We’re overwhelmed by life’s fast pace and the demands we put on ourselves.  However, ironically, we’re actually creating greater stress than necessary.  As a result, our homes, which are meant to be our safe havens, are truly our nemeses.

Our lives are stressful …


But, we are striving for calm…

Our Homes Tell a Story!

I agree fully with Professional Organizer Cassandra Aarssen, “Our homes are metaphors of our lives — they tell our story and show the world who we are.”  From my professional experience, getting our homes organized, purging the “stuff” that absorbs our energy, simplifying our surroundings and creating systems and daily routines creates a healthier, more harmonious living environment.

Feeling Like You’ve Lost Control? Take it Back.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your home, take steps to make a change.  For instance, there are a myriad of YouTube videos, philosophies, blogs and books on organizing, decluttering and how to reinforce this mindset.  Then, take a few of the tests that these sources provide to help you define your best strategy.

Schedule Blocks of Time

Next, schedule short blocks of time in your calendar each week to tackle one project.  Specifically, 15 minute or half hour increments are doable.  Whether a small or large project, break it down into categories.  For example, organize clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, or memorabilia.  And, focus on that category only until completion.  You’ll ultimately get frustrated, if you try to do too much.  By creating manageable lengths of time, you relate to your progress.  In addition, you’ll have a better chance of continued success.



Linen Storage: Photo by Target

Living Room with Wood Coffee Table: Design by Studio McGee

Kitchen with Blue Island: Design by Studio McGee

Living Room with Wood Beams: Design by Brandon Architects