Good design to me has organization.  It has good space, flow and function.  I am an admitted organization-crazy, neat-freak who must have order in every aspect of my life.  I’m sure both stay-at-home moms, and those who work outside the home, can relate to the daily juggle of caring for kids, making meals, and doing laundry.  A space has to work for your schedule.  Many frustrations come from not having the proper elements/flow and oftentimes lack of organization.

Sound familiar:  you’re rushing home after a long day of work, picking up the kids at sports practice, and then you need to make dinner and help with homework — a typical nighttime routine with maybe some time for yourself?!  Looking at your space with all of these things in mind can help you to design/reorganize your life to be more efficient.

I love to cook, so I have a TON of spices!  When I get home I’m quickly pulling dinner together and I need to be organized to make this happen.  Thanks to a few tiered shelves and some time to arrange, I’m ready to cook!

You can easily get the same effect inside a drawer with dividers or by using a lazy Susan inside a cabinet.  I have my oils/vinegars on a lazy Susan for easy access.  (Secret: I have them in my refrigerator too on the top shelf to separate milk, creamer, juices, sauces!)

People may not necessarily think of this as design, but it is.  Design infiltrates all aspects of our lives and organization is a part of it.  It is the efficient part.  You can incorporate color, size, and shape into it too.

Your eye is drawn to similar colors, shapes and textures, and that’s what makes a well-designed space feel polished and inviting.  With some tiered shelves, a lazy Susan and some time, you’ll soon be drawn to your spice cabinet and cooking again.