Modern Cottage goes Maison Moderne at the 2019 global home design and décor show, Maison et Objet. Held twice a year, outside of Paris, the show is regarded as the preeminent barometer of not only what’s on trend, but what defines beauty, quality and sophistication.

 For a third time, I was an attendee (open to the trade only).  And, it was spectacular.  Imagine, nine gigantic halls, many the size of a football field, coupled with the most phenomenal (and sometimes eccentric) staging.  Here, vendors and artisans come from every corner of the globe.


So, what are the top trends?

Trend No. 01 – Color!

In essence, there is no more world of “greige.”  In fact, even the traditionally beige, grey, taupe, and brown design houses of Belgium are showing color, albeit muted, but color.  Similarly, others from Europe, Asia and Latin America are incorporating full-on bold spectrums, and with a focus on GREEN (my favorite).  By and large, green was the number one color in almost every display.

Which leads to global Trend #02

Trend No. 02 – Bringing the Outdoors In

This comes in two parts. First, organic materials and shapes for everything from lamps to place settings are everywhere. For example, cork, typically limited to flooring, is now being used to make everything from dishes and glassware to seating.  Plus, the ability to use natural processes to cure rattan and bamboo means that manufacturers in Southeast Asia can export globally.  They don’t need to be concerned with changes in climate and humidity, which often caused damage.  Artisans, too, are reinterpreting classic design using organic materials.

Secondly, there is a serious nod to sustainability and using natural, recycled materials in design and construction. For example, 2019 is about the advancement and development of textiles and fibers used to create dining room sets that can be used in a formal setting, a sunroom or even outdoors.  No more outdoor material that feels like sandpaper.  Instead, companies now offer refined fabrics that are soft to the touch.  Plus, they look sophisticated.  And, they are just as comfortable inside as out.

Trend No. 03 – Lifestyle Technology

Whether a new range or lower price point of whole-house systems, everything from appliances to lighting is linked to devices.  On display, beautifully designed lamps that can change their beam, wattage, and kelvin with a simple touch.  All in all, technology is advancing quickly without giving up style.  In fact, it’s rather embracing it.

Some Closing Thoughts!

Aside from the big three trends, extraordinary artisanship was on display.  For example, the finest cashmere sheeting; hand-stitched, leather wrapped chest sets and impeccably upholstered sofas.  Plus, stunning, mouth-blown glassware; tantalizing home fragrances in breathtaking presentations and the most luxurious and stylish rugs for miles. In summary, it’s all for the taking!

Throw in a massive presentation of giant, fiberglass apples covered with graffiti and oversized, “landing pad” seating made from stuffed animals (the booth was mobbed), all of this to the beat of disco music and thousands of guests, like me, and you have Maison et Objet.  Now, that’s a lot to consider for your modern cottage 2019.


Louis Lemieux owns BluPrintCT, a design and lifestyle shop in Connecticut’s beautiful Litchfield Hills. Tapping into his undeniable love of quality craftsmanship, he offers a curated collection of textiles, furniture, ceramics, glass and one-of-a-kind design elements from around the world.